About Us


Kiran Bains, MSc, RD
Dietitian and Founder

Kiran is a dietitian, owner of Food Venture Program and Kiki's Kookies - a gluten free bakery. She has helped local farmers in Ontario, distribute their commodities across Canada (honey, gluten free oats and maple syrup to name a few). She also has 15+ years of experience in the food industry, consulting on food products and distributing CPG across North America. Her specialty is the world of food CPG!

Cornelius (Neil) Enns
Agriculture Expert and Co Owner

Cornelius (Neil) Enns is co owner of edovivo and brings over 20 years of experience in the farming industry as both a grower. His specialty is developing connections with farmers across North America and Mexico and ensuring produce meets CFIA and USDA standards for importing into Canada and the USA.


Karen Cardona
Quality Assurance and Compliance


Aside from her work with edovivo, Karen is also founder/owner of True Leaves Consulting. She has extensive expertise in food and beverage consulting from conceptualization to commercialization. She is the former director of operations and product development specialist for Nuts for Cheese and has worked in product development for places like Subway and Nestle!